Kudret Tuncel


My name is Kudret TUNCEL.

I started my carrier in 1972. During all the following years until 80 I have worked in the manufacturing of injection machines.

During the 80’, the industrial world has witnessed a huge burst in injection machines manufacturing. This allowed me to seek a new distinguishable activity, at this occasion I have noticed the insufficiency in the Aerosol sector.

As a result, I decided to start in this sector with a friend. Until 1998 we were based on the manual and automatic machines manufacturing. In 1998 I decided to found my own company Enes Makina with my purely professional small team.

Nowadays, we produce semi-automatic, full automatic, double index and rotary system. Our machines are operating in around 27 different countries in the world.

Our purpose is to manufacture machines always more developed than the previous ones with a perspective of a continuous innovation.

Superposed on 3 floors with a surface of 1500 m2, the factory has been installed in 2006. It is composed of a 20 person’s team including engineers, technicians, and administrators. All together, they ensure a coherent management of the company.

As the manager of Enes and also a witness of its evolution through time, I believe that our target has been reached. The best proof that I can mention as a reference of our success is polyurethane foam filling line in 2000 being the first line manufactured in Turkey.